Pets & Plants –  Introduction to Basic Plant Care

Do you love plants but can’t be sure if they are safe to keep around your furry friend? Perhaps you don’t think you’ve got a green thumb? Let’s change that.

Plants are a great way to introduce a self-care routine and beautify your living space. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of plant care, what plants are safe to keep alongside your pets, and get dirty while you’re at it.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for pet-owning, new plant enthusiasts looking to learn the basics of indoor plant care and husbandry.

150 mins

Nekoya @ Outram Park, 59A Kampong Bahru Road, #02-01

Class Information

  • The Pets & Plants Workshop is held once a month on weekends
  • A minimum of 6 pax is required to start
  • Workshop participants will receive:
    • Learning worksheets
    • Use of tools during workshop:
      • Gardening tools
      • Potting mix
      • Potting mat
      • Watering can
      • 1 pet-friendly plant of choice (to take home)
      • 1 unglazed terracotta pot (to take home)


  • Plant care basics
    • Light
    • Watering
  • Establishing a care routine
  • Common pests
  • Troubleshooting plant ailments
  • Plant toxicity
  • Building a pet-friendly garden
  • Plant it Yourself segment

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All class attendees will bring home a pet-friendly, indoor foliage plant of their choice. You will also be able to plant and pot it yourself in a terracotta pot!