All you need to know about cat care.

Are you new to cat ownership? Congratulations – You’re going to make a great parent! Learning about caring for your new feline companion can be daunting. In our very own Basic Cat Care course, you’ll be guided through the basics of cat ownership and care by our very own Cat Caretakers.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for new, or first-time cat owners. In attending, you will learn all you need to know to confidently care for your pet cat. You will learn about how your cat grows, how to set up your home for success, identifying the right food and litter, as well as responsible cat ownership guidelines.

240 mins

Nekoya @ Outram Park, 59A Kampong Bahru Road, #02-01

Class Information

  • This Basic Cat Care Course is held once a month on weekends
  • A minimum of 4 pax is required to start
  • Attendees are welcome to bring their cats (1 pet/pax)
  • Cats must be kept by attendee’s side, or in cabins for the duration of class
  • Attending cats must be vaccinated, in good health and free from parasites


  • Your feline friend – Growth & milestones
  • Preparing for your cat
    • Safety
    • Establishing your home base
    • Food & nutrition
    • Water & low thirst drives
    • All about litter
    • Playing with your little hunter
    • Grooming
  • Health & Wellness
    • Common cat illnesses
    • Pests
    • Vaccinations and check-ups
  • Common behavioural issues
  • Establishing good practices

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Change the way you’ll parent kitty (for the better)! For a limited time, attend our class at $90 and save $20 (RRP. $110/pax).

All class attendees will receive a complimentary Nekoya gift bag.