Raising the Bar of Cat Care
One Cat at a Time

Educational talks, leisure workshops and professional courses for cat lovers, cat owners and professionals in the pet care industry.

Popular Programmes

Basic Cat Care

It can be confusing navigating the waters of pet ownership. This one-day educational course takes you through all you need to know about caring for your new feline friend, and will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to become a Better Cat Parent.

Cats & Caregivers

Taking care of a cat is often a shared responsibility. This crash course is developed for caregivers of cats other than their owners; such as domestic helpers or other household residents, and will teach them important information about basic cat behaviour, handling and care.

Leather Crafting

Always wanted to learn the art of leather crafting? Join Semicolon Works for a morning of sustainable fun and upcycle premium quality, vegetable tanned cow leather offcuts into your very own beautiful card holder or TraceTogether token holder.

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Professional Certifications

Are you considering a professional career in cat sitting, or dipping your foot into the pet care industry? The Nekoya Cat Sitter Certification is a professional course that will teach you everything you need to set up your own successful cat sitting business.

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